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EPA Certified Conversion Kits

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    Re: EPA Certified Conversion Kits

    I am based here in Pennsylvania and do only EPA certified installations. The kits I handle here are the GoNatural CNG kits. Awesome kits if you never seen one. If your from Western or Central PA give us a call. We have currently been doing a lot of conversions on County Fleets and Pickup fleets for commercial and private gas companies.

    Nice thing about these kits is there are no wires to cut and it can log miles in CNG vs. Miles in Gas,tell efficiency, scan codes in computer, monitor everything you vehicle can monitor, back up camera and more.

    Like I said amazing...

    Chris Donaldson
    CNG Concepts LLC

    CNG Station design, installation & consulting | CNG EPA conversions, fuel system inspections & maintenance

    Christopher Donaldson
    Summerville, Pa 15864

    855.CNG.NEED (Office)
    814-229-7220 (Cell)
    [email protected]


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      Re: EPA Certified Conversion Kits

      I have been doing a study. I have installed two different systems on my 2011 Ranger 4.0L SOHC. The first was a fogger system from {illegal kit name removed}. Sorry {illegal kit name removed} I am going to have to give your system a two thumbs down. It constantly sets a check engine light after Richard told me verbally it wouldn't if I just used it on the highway. Actually as soon as the injector circuit opens, it sets a code and turns on the light with the second key cycle and instance of the circuit opening. I have had to replace the diaphram in the regulator and then the regulator due to leakage and then extreme abnormal noise. I have had to replace the processor because the relay that opened the injectors developed a high resistance and left me sitting on the side of the road a couple of times. Now it dies when I take my foot off the gas even though I KNOW it's programmed correctly. I am in the process of installing a new kit that is an injector kit from {illegal kit name removed}. I was able to see several of them in action and they are night and day different from the EWs system. The {illegal kit name removed} will be okay for carbureted systems and the guys there at {illegal kit name removed} are VERY good to work with and send out replacement parts immediately. I don't have any issues with them. They are great. It's just that their kits aren't real reliable. I hope this helps.

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        Re: EPA Certified Conversion Kits

        For the record, a current link of certified conversions is here in convenient PDF form:

        If you want the absolute latest data and are willing to wade through a giant XLS file then the EPA publishes their data directly, too: <-- most recently updated in February 2013, or just go here and find the link at the bottom of the page: