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CNG Conversion for 98 Accord

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  • CNG Conversion for 98 Accord

    I recently stopped a woman that was driving late model suburban that had been converted to CNG. I asked her the basic questions like performance, maintainence and mpg. The suburban ran both gas and CNG. She told me she was very happy with the conversion and was working toward converting her daughters Honda.

    Is there anyone that has converted an older Honda? There are people telling me that conversions are a bad choice, but I have run into several people now that have done them that are happy. I prefer to have 2 fuel choices and I have no concerns about resale. I will run that Honda into the ground.

    Looking for places that will install the conversion.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: CNG Conversion for 98 Accord

    Welcome to CNGchat irage!

    There are no legal conversion solutions for the Honda Accord.
    Please review the "sticky" post "Can I convert my ____ to run on CNG?" in this forum and if you have further questions feel free to start a new thread.