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  • fogger system HELP

    In my latest batch of older & used equipment I recieved four "VIALLE -- Type D" high to low pressure cng control units. All units have two control solenoids, pressure gage with sending units, fill valve and piping. Since I have never used one of these kits & no wiring/vacuum diagrams came with them I am asking for help. There are two vacuum/pressure switch's with two wires (the small white one .3 ohm and goes to OL with one inch vacuum) the larger transducer goes from OL to .3 ohm at one inch vacuum), three wires to the pressure gage, two wires to the solenoids (12 ohms on one and 26 ohms on the other). Most of it is easy, but I am not sure of the vacuum switch feeds, and I am not sure of the wiring for the pressure gage.
    Does anyone out there have information on these units?
    Stan M.