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EPA Banning Pre-2007 Gliders Jan 1 2018 (heavy truck industry) - Excemption for CNG ?

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  • EPA Banning Pre-2007 Gliders Jan 1 2018 (heavy truck industry) - Excemption for CNG ?

    A variety of Heavy Truck industry providers are affected by the "No Gliders" law.

    Typically a heavy truck with a mid 90's cummins is rebuild and glidered for customers but that is now illegal.

    Have any companies been able to get a low cost Bifuel or even bleh dedicated conversion of a Classic ISM or similar black Cummins engine
    EPA certified and exempted for the purpose of rebuilding customer gliders?

    If so can it be at the same cost as a typical rebuild?

    Ryan May

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    A glider kit is a new truck without an engine or transmission that has reman rears that are factory installed. The name Glider Kit comes from the fact that these units are unpowered from the factory. Glider kits retain the factory warranty on the cab and chassis of 1 year/ 100k miles. We then take the glider kit and install a number of different engine and transmission options to give you a complete unit ready to go to work. Among the benefits are that no DEF or EGR is used with some of the engine/transmission sets dropped into the unit.

    We keep a large inventory of Peterbilt, Freightliner, Kenworth, and Western Star glider kits in stock ready for immediate delivery. Once the assembly is complete you have a truck that looks, feels and drives like a brand new truck.


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      Yes you provided the former description of a glider but only very small companies can make gliders now and engine selection is restricted.

      I was hoping someone from the glider industry would know if a company is blacklisted if it can make EPA compliant gliders or get an exemption by offering the glider with the old engine converted to bifuel.


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        It seems EPA is reversing the Obama-era prohibition?

        There are many who are urging EPA to keep it in place:

        In response to the opening post, I would say that if a glider were to be powered with an engine which meets the Clean Alternative Fuel Vehicle and Engine Conversion Final Rule then they have no worries with EPA.
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