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CNG Mechanic in So Cal?

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  • CNG Mechanic in So Cal?

    I own a 2000 Ford F-150 5.4l Bifuel with about 60k mi on the odometer. A couple months ago I ran on gasoline for a day or two before filling up on CNG. I was also driving in pouring rain those two days. When I switched back to CNG the engine wouldn't idle, after a few days it idles, but still flutters or dies sometimes while idling (especially on cold days or right after filling the tank). It also feels like I have less power, and less mpg. It might be me, but it seems like the clicking under the hood has gotten louder as well, especially when the accelerator pedal is under movement.

    Any help finding a reputable mechanic would be appreciated.
    I would prefer to fix it myself, if I could only diagnose it.

    James Dunham

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    Re: CNG Mechanic in So Cal?

    I've taken my CNG F-150 to Villa Ford in Orange when I had a similar issue. The engine started misfiring after a car wash. Coincidence? Anyway, they diagnosed it as misfiring in the # 2 cylinder, replaced the coil and spark plug..the truck was running great again the next morning. The bill was ~ $250 for parts and labor. I've taken 2 other CNG trucks I've owned to Villa Ford when they had issues and they were always very prompt and knowledgeable.

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      Re: CNG Mechanic in So Cal?

      Also had good luck with Villa Ford. Especially after another Ford dealer had already spent a week with my cng crown vic. on the same problem. Villa Ford had it fixed in less than 2 business days, including ordering parts. (This was 5 years ago.)


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        Re: CNG Mechanic in So Cal?

        thanks guys, I'll check 'em out.