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Need an aftermarket IAT sensor

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  • Need an aftermarket IAT sensor

    Hi all, I was changing my air filter for the first time since i got my truck and when i removed it I noticed that the IAT(intake air temp) sensor that was installed when the conversion was done is completely broken. It's a G.F.I. kit and the phone number I have in my owners manuel is no good, so i'm kinda up a creek. Does anyone know where I could get one? Or at least know who I could contact that might?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Re: Need an aftermarket IAT sensor

    Teleflex GFI (ON, Canada)
    (519) 576-4270
    Press 1 for GFI controls
    Press ? for customer support (can't remember I have called them a couple of times)
    Also Sno-motion in salt lake and get you any of the GFI parts, but I would go through GFI directly for a price sanity check.


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      Re: Need an aftermarket IAT sensor

      I have a GM unit with a rubber boot that goes into the intake elbow... Yours if you think you can use it. (I can email pics) You may have to crimp the wires. Really though, you could just heat shrink a resister in there and not punch a hole. The IAT is just a variable resister. I don't believe it makes much diff, but it will set a trouble code.

      I run a fixed ( COLD ) resistor in my 96 Impala... ( runs a little richer ) to make more power and then a ( Hot ) for better econ.
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