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1995 c1500 trying to make it run on gasoline again.

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  • 1995 c1500 trying to make it run on gasoline again.

    I have a 1995 Chevy C1500 with a 5.7 and it had a bowgen dedicated fuel system on it. I removed all the wiring and got a doner truck. Then proceeded to install the oem throttle body and fuel system. Now the truck starts and runs great. As soon as the engine temp comes up it starts to stumble and stalls. Then every time you start it once it's warm it just stalls.
    So far we rewired the injectors with new harness
    Changed fuel injectors
    Fuel pressure regulator
    New fuel filter and pump
    Distributor pick up
    No codes with scanner
    Module in distributor

    Also it will stay running if I fog some LPG in the intake or brake clean

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    Kind of sounds like things go bad once it goes into closed loop operation ( when up to operating temp.) Is the pcm new ? Might need to have it re-flashed for that engine and year. IIRC , 1995 was still OBD 1. do you see any changes on the obd scanner when things go bad, even if it doesnt set any codes ?


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      The PCM that we replaced it with came out of a same year same engine and trans truck. It still is OBD1 and will not throw any codes. I do agree that as soon as it goes into closed loop is when the problem happens. It just happens so fast that I cannot notice one thing dropping before another on the scanner.


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        Try disabling the EGR valve and see how it acts in closed loop. ( had a 4.3 with a bad egr control doing sim. egr valve itself was ok ).