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CNG Chevy Trax / Buick Encore

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  • CNG Chevy Trax / Buick Encore

    Come check out the 2015 CNG Buick Encore with its 250 mile range this turbo charged crossover is the right-sized physique provides the elevated visibility of a small SUV with the parking ease of a compact car. These conversions are available for Chevy Trav and Buick Encore both are available in AWD models. Call Lancer Automotive Group at 801-268-8863 or email [email protected] to schedule your test drive.
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    Bi-fuel or CNG only ?


    • Lancer Automotive Group
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      These are dictated only, but we are getting about a 250 mile range currently here in Utah

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    What's tank size (GGE) and where is tank located?

    Yes, that's a right-sized vehicle for today.
    Sold GX


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      will the be CARB approved for Ca. cng drivers? if so, will it meet the SULEV standard for carpool access?


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        I would like to know as well.


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          Jeopardy theme


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            Originally posted by trdscfjc View Post
            will the be CARB approved for Ca. cng drivers? if so, will it meet the SULEV standard for carpool access?
            If you give them a firm order for at least 500 . Remember SULEV puts them on the hook for 15 years/150k miles emissions warranty. Its a much bigger deal than just certification costs.

            Not sure if PZEV - AT might meet the carpool emissions standard without the 15 year warranty.

            If the GSA and/or the State of CA was buying cng vehicles again , it would happen.

            Government purchases of alt fuel vehicles are politically motivated IMO. Just follow the money. It isn't toward cng these days.
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              I'd guess around 8 or 9 gge tank as those get around 30 mpg so approx 250 mile range.

              Great to hear of new CNG vehicles becoming available. Any state fleets purchasing these Buick dedicated CNG Encores ??


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                Hello All, My apologies for just now responding to your questions. The Chevy Trax/Buick Encore is equipped with a type 3 cylinder and has a capacity of 8.7 gge. In our testing, this vehicle equipped with the 1.4L Turbo engine, has been averaging 200-230 city miles and around 260-300 highway miles. We are certifying the vehicle for EPA states only. We would consider the costs of the ARB certification, as this vehicle has a bit longer in its life cycle. If you'd like to see the pre-production Encore CNG, please call Scott or Lance at Lancer Automotive Group 801-268-8863. We will make a post when the vehicle receives its certification and is cleared for production, slated in December 2015. Model years that are applicable are 2014-2016 Encore and 2015-2016 Trax, Thanks for the questions, if you would like to chat with me, my number is 586-884-6935, Best, Kevin Fern