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I want to convert my Windstar

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  • I want to convert my Windstar

    Can you give me any recommendation regarding CNG system for Ford Windstar
    2000 plus what equipment i can use for it and what will be the price for it 's components .

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    Re: CNG system for Ford Windstar

    I haven't the guts to do it my self with parts and all that stuff.
    I have a 2001 Ford windstar xe none rode in the back seat in 5yrs so took it out and had installed 3 tanks to hole 21 gal of cng it cost me $7,100,00 two years ago. sure beats the cost of gasoline here in UT and it will pay for it's self quicker here than other states. Maybe ebay has parts. I was told that Ford add ons kits don't work like they should, mine stalls around 40miles an hour down to idleing not every day but enough to make me mad trying to start it in traffic because of no power stearing and no power brakes, good luck black cat