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How much does an EPA cert really cost?

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  • How much does an EPA cert really cost?

    Hey y'all;

    I am down here in North Carolina--we have a little tiny bit of transport CNG in about three locations--as I am roughly equidistant from all three of them, it occured to me to see what I can start here among the otherwise-minded. I have done the economics, and am working with the fire marshals and building inspectorate to see how much station I can afford while keeping them happy.

    However, there is one question to which I cannot seem to get an answer for love or money.

    How much does a full set of EPA certification tests cost? I am not going to ask about CARB, because that is not our market here, but I really would like to know why the whole process is enshrouded in such mystery.



    PS I could not agree more with the moderators' position on off-market/unapproved conversions.

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    Re: How much for EPA cert, really?

    Andy, welcome. As a new member, it is important that postings are made in relavent forums, that way they can be more easily tracked. I am going to move this over to the conversions forum for that reason.

    To answer your question, an EPA cert could run anywhere from $50k-$100k and take up to a year to complete... Possibly more. John Mitton is in the process of doing just that and can give you more precise details. Glad to have you aboard and enjoy the group.


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      Re: How much does an EPA cert really cost?

      Welcome to the the good fight!
      You should have a chat with Alex and Miles ( in Arden (Asheville), they recently went thru putting in a public station and a Fuelmaker at their facility and should be familiar with the codes and hassles.
      I am continuing to get familiar with the EPA process which has recently gotten stricter in the OBDII and equipment durability areas (aged catalysts).
      Once I am up to speed and get my first cert, I plan to publish an "EPA for Dummies" paper or "The Art of Banging Your Head Against a Wall" so we all can get really pissed at how much our goverment is truly against alt fuel use.

      I'll keep you all posted.

      Your Friendly Nazi Squirrel Administrator