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CNG Conversion Options 99 Chev 7.4L

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  • CNG Conversion Options 99 Chev 7.4L

    I am new to the forum and so far have found the information very useful while I have been researching cng options.

    I am at a sort of impasse.

    I first looked at positive pressure, diaphragm, or pneumatic-whatever you want to call them and like that route because the conversion seems less expensive.

    I then had another conversion shop tell me all sorts of negative toward that system and attempted to steer me towards the port injection type of system for my truck.

    I then learned from another conversion shop that a port injection system is impossible with the 7.4 Vortec because of the OEM intake manifold design; not enough room between the two plenums to fit CNG injectors.

    My question, what type of system WILL work on my truck and where would I find the best quality system for my truck.

    Thanks all