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    Is anyone familiar with the Eco Fuel Systems EDi (Eco Digital Injection)?

    I would like to access it to tune it. I have a 2000 Dodge Dakota 4.7L V8 that was converted in 2003. The system works but there are a few driveability issues I'm having. It's a dual fuel set-up.

    The engine runs fine on gasoline but on NG it hessitates and occasionally stalls. It needs some fine tuning that the installer is no longer willing to do.

    Are there any techs or mechanics here who have this system and been able to access the program? If so how did you do it?


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    Re: EDi System

    The maker of this kit has many support centers in Ontario, so you might want to make a few calls:
    Eco Fuel Systems Inc. manufactures and supplies natural gas vehicle conversion equipment for the alternative fuel industry.


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      Re: EDi System

      The problem with ECO is they do not allow their techs to change the program. It's done over the internet from British Columbia. All the techs do is plug in the modem. There only other option is the tech has is to drive with a lap top as a data logger. ECO will not even allow me to use a lap top to data log!

      I'm looking for something like Megasquirt, Accell etc that's totally user adjustable.

      Is anyone running a Megasquirt with a dual program for Ng and gasoline?

      Another thing I would like to do is go away from a speed density MAP dependent injection system and install a MAF system like Ford and others are running.


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        Re: EDi System

        I haven't done it but I have been toying with the idea of controlling dual fuel with MegaSquirt II. I think that a lot of the driveablity issues and hard starting could be solved if there were a fuel temperature sensor. CNG has a very specific AF ratio that needs to be hit in order to ignite and when the fuel is too cold because the coolant running through the regulator is cold, your AF ratios are going to be way off, and it won't run right. As far as I know, none of the dual fuel setups compensate for this variation but I think MegaSquirt could be programmed to adjust accordingly.