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2007 Civic GX for sale! Silver, HOV stickers, EXCELLENT Condition!

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  • 2007 Civic GX for sale! Silver, HOV stickers, EXCELLENT Condition!

    ******SOLD on 11/19/2010 to a buyer in Utah. Another GX leaves the Golden State for the Copper State!*****

    I'm selling my 2007 Civic GX. The car is in EXCELLENT condition. It is Silver with 28,725 miles on it as of today (11/14/2010). I am the original owner and bought it from Curtis at Robertsons Palmdale Honda in June 2007.

    It is my commuter car so I ONLY drove it during the weekdays and mostly on freeways. The car is in EXCELLENT condition, clean inside and out, it has never been in an accident and I have meticulously maintained it. I also have a fuel log as well as all maintenance paperwork on it.

    You can see in the pictures that I did some minor upgrades to the car since I bought it, namely I tinted the windows and put in a Kenwood Navigation system with a docking station for an iPod/iPhone on the driver side. Now if you'd prefer the stock stereo I can reinstall it and take a few hundred off the price of the car. Finally, you'll notice the HOV carpool lane stickers are already on this vehicle. Those stickers are a life saver for me. It cuts my commute probably in half!

    One last thing, I ran over a screw a few months ago and the puncture was too close to the sidewall of the tire for them to patch, so I bought a new pair of Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max Tires. Since my original tires were still in decent shape they gave them to me, so I'll throw those in as well.

    I'm in the Los Angeles area and asking for $14,900 for this GREAT CAR! Private Message me if you're interested or contact me at (removed email address).

    01 Front.jpg02 Passenger front.jpg03 Passenger side.jpg04 Passenger rear.jpg05 Rear.jpg06 Drivers rear.jpg07 Drivers side.jpg08 Drivers front.jpg09 NGV Sticker.jpg10 Drivers HOV.jpg
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    Re: 2007 Civic GX for sale! Silver, HOV stickers, EXCELLENT Condition!

    Thanks Lu, I made it back to Salt Lake... and My wife Loves her new car!!!