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2002 Civic GX coming up for sale

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  • 2002 Civic GX coming up for sale

    I will be assisting a local entity in selling their 2002 Civic GX here in the next couple of weeks. It has just over 70,000 miles I believe, is white and has Ca carpool stickers in place. Interested parties should send me a private message through the site.

    I am not yet sure on price, however their research tends to lead them to the conclusion that the value should be somewhere around $10,000. This is not a firm number however and if you are interested in making an offer, I will propose it to them.

    They are going to have the car fully serviced prior to placing it up for sale so that the buyer will be secure in the condition of the vehicle. It is in overall good condition inside and out. I will strive to post pictures of it as soon as possible. The car is located in Lancaster, Ca., about 60 miles North of Los Angeles.

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    Re: 2002 Civic GX coming up for sale

    Did that car ever come up for sale???


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      Re: 2002 Civic GX coming up for sale

      Not as of yet. I'll check and see what's going on at the start of next week. The seller is never in the office on Fridays. He was going to get a full service done, but I don't know if he has yet. I'll keep you posted.