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2001 Civic GX for sale - open to reasonable offers

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  • 2001 Civic GX for sale - open to reasonable offers

    I must part with my beloved GX. Bought it from some nuns in Ohio less than three years ago (seriously - I have the maintenance records from the Sisters of St. Joseph). It has served me well. I'm moving to Maine where there are no public CNG stations, so I know I really should sell.

    It's white, clean, with no known problems. It drives very well. I love it.

    I bought it in 2007 sight unseen and, partially since I was well aware that many 2001 GX experienced transmission failures, bought a 3-year after-market extended warranty that promised to cover transmission failure. Well, the CVT remains nice and smooth, but the warranty paid for itself due to an expensive fuel sensor failure of some sort a year and a half ago. Fixed now.

    Other than that, during the time I've owned it I've had the following things fixed/replaced: some bearings and joints, suspension, tires (new last year), plus all regular maintenance at a dealership until 2k miles ago.
    It has nearly 93k on it now, and I have not yet done the 90k service (filters, valves).

    I'll ship at buyer's expense, and will deliver to anywhere in NY, CT, or MA. The car does qualify for the Utah tax credit.

    I want to sell the car quickly, and will consider all offers, but this car runs great and has been gently driven and well-maintained, and I know what that's worth. The few 2001s I've seen lately sold by dealers and on craigslist (gxs are very few and far between on craigslist lately - why??) are listed from 5k-10k. I'm thinking of the low end of that scale, but still on it. I could always just keep it until I move again and/or gas prices skyrocket.

    Inserted a few photos. We put a Thule roof rack on the car to transport a few large but light things -- it's only been used twice. Rack is negotiable, but we planned to take it off and sell it separately.

    For more info (or more pics), send a PM or call: Jen - 608-213-7625
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    Re: 2001 Civic GX for sale - open to reasonable offers

    Sorry to see you leave the clan of NGV owners, Jen.
    Perhaps you can post some photos? Click on Edit Post, then Manage Attachments


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      Re: 2001 Civic GX for sale - open to reasonable offers

      Thanks, John -- photos posted.

      I'm sorry to leave the NGV community, too! I am going to be really sad if I move somewhere with CNG in a year and can't afford any of the available GXs then...


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        Re: 2001 Civic GX for sale - open to reasonable offers

        How bout just getting your own Fuelmaker? There are some FM4's popping up for sale now, and Memphis, TN company here on cngchat offers an upgrade kit to increase psi from 3,000 to 3.600 psi. That's what I'd do. See Craigslist # 1771404661 for FM4 with 2,100 hrs left for only $4,500 in Dallas. Heck some people might even help you get it, and walk you through steps to install it!

        On the Alternative Fuels Data Center (Dept of Energy), nearest public pump to Maine is Grappone Honda in Bow, NH. As for Maine itself, only Portland, ME has a private cng for Greater Portland Transit District - - maybe you could get access to this one?

        Hate to lose anyone who knows about CNG and loves the benefits. Keep the faith!
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          Re: 2001 Civic GX for sale - open to reasonable offers

          I hear you, cngacrossusa. We're renting, so can't install a Fuelmaker. Contacted the Portland bus folks who have the station and they can't open it to the public for some kind of "homeland security" reasons.

          I'm seriously considering getting the 90k service done and then just sitting on the car for a year in case we buy a house, move, or demand and prices go crazy as they do every year or so. I bought a gas vehicle recently, and it's just painful to be back supporting the oil industry particularly with the oil spill mess and the neverending war and whatnot... ugh. (sorry to get into the politics thing. )


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            Re: 2001 Civic GX for sale - open to reasonable offers

            June 8, 2011

            Good morning I am interested in purchasing this 1999 Honda Civic GX and would like to get in contact with you. Please call me as soon as you can my cell phone number is (916) 715-6573 and my email address is [email protected].


            Serge Darchuke