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Wanted to Buy: fuelmaker

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  • Wanted to Buy: fuelmaker

    I will buy a used Phill which is not working as long as it is complete.

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    Re: Wanted to Buy: fuelmaker

    I have an fmq 2-36 that I would like to sell. I know it's not a phill but it is rebuildable.


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      Re: Wanted to Buy: fuelmaker

      We are possibly going to sell our unit down here in Maricopa, Arizona, because of relocation... probably in about 90 days. This is sitting in a regular single family residence and is working great. This was a replacement unit about four months ago.

      The new owner would have to give us fair value for the unit plus have to pay the local CNG Service Guy (Dave Clement) for uninstalling and shipping.... or zoom down to Arizona to pick it up.

      Depending on the various offers we get, we may be selling our 2006 CNG Honda Civic (excellent condition) as a package with this unit.


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        Re: Wanted to Buy: fuelmaker

        I was one of the fortunate ones to eventually get my v 1.0 PHILL unit replaced after 6 months. Unfortunately after only 1 week my daughter totaled my 2004 Honda Civic GX and I no longer have anything to fill with my new PHILL. I do not think I will be purchasing another CNG vehicle and am looking to sell my PHILL.

        The unit display only 0 - 250 hours of service and as I mentioned just replaced by Gas Equipement Systems on June 16th. Worked great for the 1 weeks before my daughters unfortunate event. I have not seen too many postings for PHILL units for sale and would appreciate links to any locations that I could post my unit for sale.

        I would be appreciate any related information pertaining to the sale of a PHILL unit ... such as how does the purchaser get the unit installed (links to installation guides, possible installers, etc.)? Fair value for a newely rebuild v1.0 with 0 - 250 hours of service?

        Or ... make me an offer ...

        I am located in the San Francisco Bay area, CA.


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          Re: Wanted to Buy: fuelmaker

          I am in the market for a 2006-2010 civic gx and a phill as a package or individually, would be interested in seeing offers.
          I am in So Cal but could make arrangements from any area.