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  • Have I got a deal for you...

    Hello All,

    Never trust anyone that starts out with, "Have I gotta' deal for you...."

    If anyone's interested I know where there are 24 or so 14"x68" CNG Cylinder Co. cylinders available cheap! (like $100 ea.?)

    They expire 2011 (that's why they're cheap), but personally, I don't think cylinders suddenly become unsafe at 15 yrs. and one day!

    They're from decommissioned busses and would be great in a cascade or something.

    Let me know,

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    Re: Have I got a deal for you...

    How do they mount and are mounts available?

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      Re: Have I got a deal for you...

      Cascade storage, great idea.
      So about 11 gge each? 3000 or 3600 psi?
      Type __ and weight?


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        Re: Have I got a deal for you...

        John and Jet,

        They're Type 2, alum./fiberglass and most, if not all, still have the brackets attached. Not sure about the weight, but they were heavy. They still have the hand valves and two PRD's...that's the good news.

        Now, some look like the bracket bolts were cut with a torch and there's Level 1 and Level 2 damage on them from rough handling, but there's many good ones I'm sure.

        Should I/we/you pursue it?