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ASME Storage for Sale hold 150 GGE of CNG

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  • ASME Storage for Sale hold 150 GGE of CNG

    We have 2 CP Industry tri-pak 5500 PSI 12' Storage vessels and hold 150 GGE
    Each Tube has 2 3/4" Nutron 6000 PSI ball valve for both feed and the pressure relief.
    Each Tube has its own pressure relief Flow Safe, that feeds into a manifold for proper safety standards.
    Each Tube discharge has a 15,000 psi BUTECH systems needle valve. Each set has a priority panel. $16,500

    We have one tri-pak CPI Utah Division. 135 GGE with Mercer reliefs This one has surface rust on the brackets. $10,500

    All 3 $40,000 +Loading

    you can call 773-960-5642 Bob
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