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Chevy 2500 hd CNG truck

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  • Chevy 2500 hd CNG truck

    Just bought a used CNG truck and I know nothing about them. Needing a mechanic or inspector to look over the truck and educate me on it. I am in Texarkana Tx 75501 Thanks for any help

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    Clear Air / Dallas West Port might be able to help you. They are in the Big D of course - but you need to identify which company did the conversion, and ask them for a referral to an authorized or otherwise "known" dealership or repair shop.


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      I've had a 2006 Chevy 2500 CNG since 2012. Love the truck. I save on fuel $2.20/gal CNG vs. $3.50/gal gas. You only need a CNG mechanic if you're dealing with the CNG fuel system. Otherwise the truck is the same. You're favorite mechanic can take care of it. If you need a CNG mechanic, I suggest posting an ad in Craigslist or similar. Some CNG mechanic who works for a City repairing CNG buses, trucks, etc, must want to make a few bucks moon-lighting. Since mine is 2500 HD with a 6.0L it has ample power. I save on oil changes. at 3K miles the oil isn't even dirty. Only at 5K is it looking dirty and I change it then using full synthetic. CNG trucks are a great value. You just need to save up for the tank replacement and plan your trips and mileage. No cross country driving unless you have a bi-fuel. For driving around cities, it's great.