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  • PICC Croc or possible

    i read about a new product called the PICC or Pre-Ignition Catalytic Converter the say that it vaporizes the fuel before it gets to the engine which makes a lot of sense truth be told but there are a few thing i'm not quite sure that would work. they talk about being able to seperate Water into hydrogen and oxygen just by using heat from the exhaust. i thought that would take electrolisys but maybe i'm just to old (19 years old) to understand their reasoning. I will go ahead and put myself in the line of fire on this one i already signed up and asked them if it could run with CNG or not. i will keep you guys posted on how this goes. HAHA

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    Re: PICC Croc or possible

    This is the one that Johnny threw out there... You should be the guinea pig Johnny. To start with you don't need to vaporize cng because it is already a vaporous gas, right? IN fact the only reason that you have a drop of horsepower in a Civic GX is that the cng displaces air (the catalyzing agent) and you can't get as much fuel in the cylinder under normal atmosphere as you can with a liquid fuel like gasoline. One solution would be to shove more air into the cylinder, like with a supercharger for example. Not being a scientist (and the scientists out there feel free to jump in here) a catalytic converter is a high temp, precious metal (in most cases) device to burn off un-burnt gas and further break down harmful emissions. I doubt that they have the ability to do much more than turn water to steam (which would raise your compression) but not have the ability to break the hydrogen bond. That's a tough task to do and takes lots of energy, not heat. Heat alone will not work and the only metal I know of that can break the hydrogen bond is aluminum-gallium alloy, and I didn't read anywhere that they are using that in their device. MythBusters tried one of the hydrogen from water just using the cars battery from the internet... it somehow managed to reduce their gas mileage and was denounced as "Busted" although there is some actual science there... you just can't get fuel economy miracles off of EBay.

    Question, a catalytic converter works with heat and a chemical reaction. How (and where) would you put a catalyzer before the combustion chamber since the heat is derived from the exaust gas? and wouldn't the fuel be consumed before combustion? and Johnny, how come you haven't bought one of these things yet?


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      Re: PICC Croc or possible

      found this after a google on 'PICC'


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        Re: PICC Croc or possible

        One question, why aren't they in the afv shows or on every TV News station in America if it worked. I'll invite them to my Expo... let's see if they show.


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          Re: PICC Croc or possible

          Name: Jed Lifsey
          Street: PMB #221
          Apartment/Suite: 5820 W. Peoria Ave. Suite 107
          City/State/Zip/Country: Glendale, AZ 85302-1301 USA

          if their is anyone in Arizona who would like to help me out in this little venture and you are near this location. could you check this guy out and see if he's on the up and up or if he even exists. but the kit for my gas truck would cost $1065 dollars and they didn't say it would work with CNG but still going at this half heartedly. any help would be great.


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            Re: PICC Croc or possible


            "PMB #227" means private mail box 227 at a shipping and mail box type store.

            The story is always the same with the " Miracle" devices, Can't prove it works, and can't prove it doesn't work. You prob. would get some sort of gadget , and the sellers sometimes even think they work.

            Take the $1000 to the bank and put it in a one year cd. With the $65 left ,take your family out to dinner tonite and enjoy .

            Just my 2 cents worth after 50 years of chasing a free lunch.


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              Re: PICC Croc or possible

              CNG (CH4) is already as simple as it can get before ignition.
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