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CNG bus tryout in San Francisco

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    Naida Prevljak for OFFSHORE ENERGY Aug 19, 2021 - First US hydrogen fuel cell vessel launched

    Washington-based boat builder All American Marine and shipowner SWITCH Maritime have launched and started operational trials of Sea Change, a 70-foot, 75-passenger zero-emissions, hydrogen fuel cell-powered, electric-drive ferry that will operate in the California Bay Area.

    This will be the first hydrogen fuel cell vessel in the US, representing an important step in the US maritime industry’s transition to a sustainable future.

    The vessel is equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell power package provided by Zero Emissions Industries (formerly Golden Gate Zero Emission Marine), comprised of 360 kW of Cummins fuel cells and Hexagon hydrogen storage tanks with a capacity of 246 kg. This system is integrated with 100 kWh of lithium-ion battery provided by XALT and a 2x 300 kW electric propulsion system provided by BAE Systems.



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      Jimmy O'Dea for Union of Concerned Scientists 19 Jul 2018 - Electric vs. Diesel vs. Natural Gas: Which Bus is Best for the Climate?

      The bus manufacturer New Flyer makes the same bus (40-foot Xcelsior) in diesel, diesel-hybrid, CNG, and battery electric versions. These buses have undergone testing by the Federal Transit Agency, allowing for comparison of fuel efficiencies across vehicle type and over the same test conditions.

      Fuel efficiencies used in this analysis were as follows: diesel bus: 4.82 miles per diesel gallon; diesel-hybrid bus: 5.84 miles per diesel gallon; CNG bus: 4.47 miles per diesel gallon equivalent; and battery electric bus: 18.8 miles per diesel gallon equivalent, which accounts for a 90 percent charging efficiency.

      Note, converting the fuel efficiency of the electric bus (i.e., 2.02 kWh per mile) into an equivalent miles per diesel gallon (using the amount of energy contained in a gallon of diesel, 129,488 British thermal units per gallon), gives an equivalent fuel efficiency of the battery electric bus of 18.8 miles per diesel gallon equivalent.