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ANGI error codes still around

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  • ANGI error codes still around

    This past weekend, I filled up the van (or tried to) at the station in Orem. I had to authorize six (yep, SIX, on two separate cards) times and still didn't get a full tank. Each time the dispenser starts, it seems to run well for about 1/2 to 1 GGE, and then it shuts down with an E 6 error code. I've tried turning the pump on before I authorize, after I authorize, making sure the hoses weren't anywhere near the handle, etc. Nothing seems to work.

    Interestingly, a very similar van (2001 Chevy) filled up during the same time I was there with no problem. I even went to that pump to see if that made a difference (it didn't). Do any of the gurus out there have any idea what gives?

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    Re: ANGI error codes still around

    I was having the exact same problem a while ago. I just started waiting until my card was completely approved before walking over and hooking the dispenser to my car. I haven't had problem since then. Do you wait until the machine is completely done processing your card before you start the dispenser?


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      Re: ANGI error codes still around

      I wait until the authorization is done before I turn the dispenser on. I wouldn't think that simply hooking up to the vehicle would make any difference, since there is no electrical connection before the handle is turned on, but I'll try that and let you know how it works.


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        Re: ANGI error codes still around

        OK gang, here is the scoop based on feedback from the ANGI rep:

        1) An E6 code is not a dispenser error -
        2) E6 only occurs when the Card Reader authorization is lost or not established.
        3) Typical causes with the Gas Boy Card Reader are:
        a) The dispenser handle is in the "ON" position when the card is swiped
        b) The dispenser handle is moved to the "ON" position before the transaction is accepted
        c) The card is denied

        The Gas Boy Card Reader does not inform the consumer when the dispenser handle is in the "ON" position like the Petrovend Card Reader. There are twelve of these dispensers at eight locations with Petrovend Card readers and we do not have this issue.

        Instructions are clearly displayed on the dispenser with the steps to follow to successfully use the dispenser/card reader combination successfully however most folks do not seem to have time to read the instructions or wait for the card reader to indicate that the Card Reader is ready for the dispenser to be turned on.

        We may need to post another set of instructions on the Card Reader informing the consumer to remain at the card reader until the display indicates the transaction can begin.


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          Re: ANGI error codes still around

          Here's what I discovered: CNG Utah was right. It appears that it doesn't matter whether the dispenser handle is off when the authorization takes place. At least in my case, if the vehicle is hooked up, the error code comes up. I tried it as CNG Utah described, making sure the authorization was complete before hooking up, and it filled with no problem.

          That's not what it says on the instructions (yes, I read them), but that's what worked for me.