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  • NGV2 certificate

    dear all
    i am working in a leading CNG-1 Cylinder manufacturer in China and i would like to know how we may apply and get the NGV2 license for exporting our cylinders to American countries (mainly south american), i will be very much appreciated if any one could just give me the guide line about the qualified inspection agency who are able to submit the type approval and license for exporting type one CNG cylinders, even the name or address of the company and if any thing else i shall know in this regards

    for your reference, we have already got the DOT-3AA for industrial cylinders but we need the NGV2 for CNG market.
    thanks in advance

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    Re: NGV2 certificate

    Hello Assadi,

    There are two standards used currently in the U.S.

    The first is a govenment requirement for manufacturers, FMVSS 304 which I've attached. Note that it's a 2003 version and be sure to check for the latest revisions.

    The second is the voluntary industry standard you mentioned, ANSI/NGV-2. To do the testing you might contact:
    Livio Gambone, Mgr. Energy Sys. Eng.,
    Power Tech Labs Ltd.,
    12388 - 88th Ave,
    Surrey BC V3W 7R7,
    Ph. 604.590.7488,
    [email protected]

    Good luck,

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