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    Hi all. I purchased a 99 Cavalier this past weekend, my first CNG car so I'm certainly a newbie. I actually purchased this inexpensive car for commuting and any longer trips taken without the family. By commuting in this car, I'm giving up driving my new to me BMW 530i which will now sit in the garage most of the time instead. I think it is worth it and have no problem swallowing a little pride to drive an older model compact car - in exchange for a cheap commute. I am not hurting for money, but I'm a bit of a thrifty spender and I do think we can all do more to reduce our pollution. I'm curious if that's the primary reason most people here switched to CNG. Also, what are you giving up in order to enjoy cheap fuel and cleaner air?

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    Re: More for Less

    All I gave up was time in the car when I bought my car for commuting.

    HOV access cut my commute time by 45 minutes and the car is cheaper to fuel.


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      Re: More for Less

      Reasons I switched to CNG:
      (1) Single occupancy access to the HOV lane reduces commute time substantially
      (2) Using natural gas in lieu of gasoline costs less and reduces dependence on foreign oil
      (3) Refueling at home is more convenient, and may qualify one for reduced household gas and electric rates

      What I gave up by garaging and eventually selling my 450 HP German luxo-sport SUV:
      (1) Higher depreciation
      (2) Higher registration fees
      (3) Higher insurance premiums
      (4) Higher maintenance costs

      Smile next time while driving your CNG "older model compact car" in the HOV lane, you zoom by an unfortunate chap parked in the slow lane in his high-end gasoline-powered car.
      Keep your BMW or some other fun car for the weekend.
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