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Converting newer vehicles ? Think again !

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  • Converting newer vehicles ? Think again !

    A few words on converting. The only vehicles suitable for a low cost (used equipment , do it yourself ) conversions are pre smog control pickup trucks.
    Lots of room for tanks and easy to adapt vapor type equipment ( very sim. to propane conversion equipment , except tanks and regulators ). As far as fuel injected vehicles, good shop conversions will cost well over $12,000 if you can even find a vendor to do so.

    For all in the mountain and mid-west states with very low cost cng, this is only temporary.

    In california 5 years ago we had cng at public station with puc , federal and state subsidies , I was paying under .99 gge at times. Now we pay a little less than gasoline.

    The actual cost of compression at a public station is about $.75 /gge, if you really look at equipment cost, maintenance and electricity, add in about $1.00 gge for actual fuel cost at current prices , add in a profit and presto, $2.00 gge !

    Add in a 20% loss in power and fuel mileage for a duel fuel , or a non cng dedicated engine too. You can run 12 to 1 compression on a dedicated engine to nget pack power and mileage, but on not duel fuel.

    90 % of my miles from 2002 on are on gng in a factory crown vic and civic gx , but only to get carpool lane access in the city.

    Overall , find a factory cng vehicle , or forget it.

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    Re: Converting newer vehicles ? Think again !

    sadly that's how most think...

    but i bought my cng-car not to save money, i got it to do my part to make our air cleaner. i know it's not much but at least i do something... and at 800 to 1000 miles a week...


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      Re: Converting newer vehicles ? Think again !

      Don't forget the incentives. Convert a 3/4 ton truck to dedicated CNG, gain $8,000 in federal tax credits. In Utah we get another $2,500 from the state (even for bi-fuel). That $13k conversion now ends up costing you anywhere from $5k down to $2,500.

      Now, let's assume you get an average of 12 MPG in the truck and gas is $3.25/gal. Skip the public stations if you are outside the cheap areas (UT, OK, WY) and instead get yourself a used FM2 or FM4 off eBay for $4k or $5k (and be sure to take your $1,000 tax credit for home refueling!). You are now fueling for around a dollar a gallon and you have recovered the conversion cost via fuel savings in less than 30,000 miles. The FM2 or FM4 is paid back in another 20,000 miles yet will give you service for a lifetime apart from minimal expense every now and them for a new compressor head.


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        Re: Converting newer vehicles ? Think again !

        Agreed, dont forget the incentives.

        In CO you also get a state tax credit for 50-85% of the conversion cost. This can be carried forward up to five years and can be combined with the federal credit.

        Eligible vehicles need a LEV or better rating, so the new BAF Ford F150, F250, F350, E350, E450, Crown Vic, Mercury Marquis and Lincoln Town Car. The GX is an obvious option as well.


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          Re: Converting newer vehicles ? Think again !

          just remember, you can make numbers come out any way you want. each persons situation is different, you run the numbers and decide for yourself. My 2001 dodge neon is paying me back big time. and I don't even worry about gas prices anymore and thats worth $$$$