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  • Motorweek CNG coverage

    PBS's MotorWeek this week has a brief segment on a conversion outfit - CNG conversions were mentioned. The show can be seen online at

    (My interest in CNG is stymied by a lack of refueling stations here in Ohio - 8-P )

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    Re: Motorweek CNG coverage


    Hang one...they're coming to Ohio. I'm in Lancaster and 'feel your pain', but the Stimulus Pkg' money aquired by CleanFuels Ohio in Columbus will result in eight (8) new fill stations along the 3C corridor. Six (6) will be public access.

    Stay tuned,



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      Re: Motorweek CNG coverage

      Hey AFVMan . . . that's great news that Ohio will get 8 new cng sites (6 public access). I was curious whether you knew which cities would be getting the 6 new public cng pumps?? Also, is Columbia Gas (NiSource) involved in any way?? Reason I was curious about Columbia Gas is they dismantled awesome cng setup in Columbus that had over 400 cng company vehicles within last 2 years.


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        Re: Motorweek CNG coverage

        cngacrossusa et al,

        re. CNG stations in Ohio

        There are two planned for Columbus, one on the west side at the City Fleet facility and one in Dublin, both with public access.

        Four are anticipated along I-75 corridor in NW Ohio in the Findley, Toledo, Bowling Green, Lima areas but are tentative at this point.

        The Stimulus funds are still 'trickling down', so don't hold your breath.

        NiSource/Columbia Gas is only involved as a gas supplier unfortunately. I was around to see that $1MM station on Goodale open...and close. I'm betting they wish it were operational now.

        Best regards,



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          Re: Motorweek CNG coverage

          couldn't find the video. what cars are featured in that show?
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