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Switching over from gas to natural gas

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  • Switching over from gas to natural gas

    Help, I have recently purchased a 1992 dodge Dakota with a dual gas and natural gas system. I have not used the natural gas but when my wife ran out of gas it automatically switched over to natural gas. The controller has a manual fuel select but is does not respond and advise, reset etc any help would be appriecatied.

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    Re: Switching over from gas to natural gas

    Need a little more info:

    What system is on the vehicle, it's not a factory system.
    Check the label under the hood (indicating what system it is and who installed it)
    Give us any other identifying marks and information on system components that you can:
    sytem pressure. tank manufacturer, expiration dates, pressure regulator manufacturer, is a mixer type system or injection system, ETC

    It looks as if you're from BC, the system maybe an Eco or Technocarb

    Some of us on the site will know something

    Welcome aboard



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      Re: Switching over from gas to natural gas

      Ok, I will post more information. In the cab the controler has the ECO logo on it.


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        Re: Switching over from gas to natural gas

        We have propane and are thinking about converting to natural gas.

        Our neighbors have natural gas, so it would mean extending the line approximately 100 yards. Total cost for the switchover would be somewhere around $4,000.

        I'm wondering how long it would take to recoup the expenses. We live in a 3,100 s.f. house with high ceilings in a couple rooms.

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