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Refueling issue (shuts off too soon)

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  • Curtis
    Re: Refueling issue (shuts off too soon)

    Brent, go see Jesse over at Robertsons. He may be able to help you figure it out. I suppose you could have a water buildup in your tank from condensation as another possibility. But Jesse is the closest resource that I know to start you off.

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  • brlister
    started a topic Refueling issue (shuts off too soon)

    Refueling issue (shuts off too soon)

    I just purchased my third CNG car, a 2003 Crown Vic. Everything works perfectly, except that during refueling it shuts off around 2700 psi, which only gives me about a 7 gal equiv. fill. I have tried different pumps and tried refueling at various empty levels, and each time I get the same result. Obviously, this gives an unacceptable range. I live in the Antelope Valley. I have two questions. First, does anyone have any idea what causes this (I am assuming there is some sort of pressure controlled valve that is malfunctioning) and second does anyone know a good, reasonable priced, repair location (LA is ok, prefer San Fernando Valley, but would go anywhere if needed). Thanks