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    Any one handy with math, want to save me the brain damage and show me the formula to figure:

    the volume of 123SFC (1gge) at 3600psi

    the volume of 123scf (1gge) at 3000psi


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    Re: gge volume

    This should give you a reasoning behind the answer:

    Generally you are not going to be able to calculate the volumes at two pressures without taking into account the tempurature but if tempurature is the same then:

    Volume = nRT/p

    n= amount of substance in moles
    R = gas constant = 8.314
    T = Absolute Temp
    P = Pressure

    since all these except pressure are the same for your situation, they all cancel each other. Your 123MCF is defined as 123,000 cubic feet of gas at 14.7 psi. This is approximately a GGE (Gasoline Gallon Equivalent) if the richness of the gas is 1000 BTU Factor:

    so. (MCF @ 3600) *3600 = 123MCF*14.7

    therefore MCF @ 3600 psi = 123MCF * 14.7 / 3600 = 0.50225 cubic feet
    MCF @ 3000 psi = 123MCF * 14.7 /3000 = 0.6027 cubic feet
    MCF @ 2216 psi = 123MCF * 14.7/2216 = 0.8159 cubic feet

    To give an idea that will relate to people 1 Cubic Foot = 7.48 gallons volume.

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