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Who makes CNG tanks?

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  • Who makes CNG tanks?

    Besides Lincoln Composites, do you know any other companies that manufacture CNG tanks? Are they mostly being made in the US or abroad?

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    Re: Who makes CNG tanks?

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      Re: Who makes CNG tanks?

      Hello Kristina,

      This could be in interesting thread. The issue of U.S. certified CNG cylinders is ongoing. Here are two links to a cylinder study guide I wrote for the Clean Vehicle Education Foundation.

      If you look at the .pdf file there's a listing (Appendix A, pgs. 38, 39) in the back of ALL the cylinder and CNG equipment manufactureres I could find along with their contact information.

      The issue is cylinders made in other countries to other standards and whether they should/could be sold in this country.

      I wonder what the rest of the forum thinks?

      Best regards,



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        Re: Who makes CNG tanks?

        Kioshi, Inflex (Argentina)
        NK, Finetec (Korea)
        EKC (india)
        Cilbras (White Martins, Brasil)


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          Re: Who makes CNG tanks?

          You'll find a list of tank manufacturers here:
          Forieng manufacturers may sell tanks that are not certified to US specifications, so be aware of this when looking for a tank. What is the application you are interested in? Personal use? Adding to your current vehicle for extended range? If so, there may be other options for you.


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            Re: Who makes CNG tanks?

            Here are the DOT FMVSS approved vendors that I am aware of:


            Luxfer Gas Cylinders

            Lincoln Composites

            Structural Composites


            Kioshi type 1 cylinders from Argentina are now DOT FMVSS certified by their exclusive distributor AmericanCNG
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              Re: Who makes CNG tanks?


              You have been give some good sources. As was mentioned earlier, some are not made to U.S. specification (most mentioned are). Please make sure if they are to be used in the U.S. they meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 304 found in Title 49 Code of Federal Regulation (CFR)section 571.304 and the NGV-2 (Naural Gas Vehicle) standard.

              Faber, from Italy has also made some cylinders to both of the above U.S. standards