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Car stops running while on the road

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  • Car stops running while on the road

    I have a 2008 Honda Civic GX and while I was driving the car all of a sudden the battery light went on and the car stopped running. It literally died on me while driving. But all I had to do was turn on the ignition again and it started back up. This happened a few times so I took it to a dealership and they couldn't figure out the problem. They told me that they "updated the software" in the car and now it is running smoothly.

    Has anyone had a similar experience? Does anyone know if this is a common issue with the GX model? Any insight would be appreciated. I no longer trust driving this car.

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    Re: Car stops running while on the road

    If it happens again, tell the dealer that you want a "flight recorder" and that you'll bring it back just after it quits the next time - on the end of a hook. The dealer can graph the various sensors and system outputs including the main electrical system. From the graph or data stream you can tell what happen just before the thing died. The only problem is the number of parameters that can be recorded at one time, the dealer should choose carefully. If there are a lot of parameters being watched, the system has to cycle through the list of parameters and that will slow the number of times per second that each parameter can be observed and logged.

    Good luck