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CNG people in Texas - a new opportunity

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  • CNG people in Texas - a new opportunity

    Dear Curtis,

    Earlier this year, ZeitEnergy, a provider of CNG fueling stations, started a public policy campaign called CNG Connect. The purpose was to increase the adoption of compressed natural gas fueling by encouraging local partnering among fleets and local solutions to the problems that fleets face when switching to CNG.

    In talking with various fleet operators, we have consistently received feedback that they would like an unbiased place to go to interact with different industry participants and see the interaction of others. In response, we are expanding the CNG Connect section of our website to display profiles of the people and companies that make up the CNG industry. Additionally, the site has functionality to post comments, questions/answers, and marketing documents.

    If you would like to participate in the site’s initial launch, please complete the information below and reply by Nov 6, 2009. You will still be able to establish a profile later, but the cutoff is needed for inclusion in the launch. Please feel free to contact me at 817-223-1401 with any questions about CNG Connect, the site, or ZeitEnergy.

    Info on yourself:
    Your description (include your role at your company and any relevant experience with CNG):

    Ofc Phone:
    Cell Phone (optional)

    Info on your company or organization:
    Company Name:
    Company Description (if CNG isn’t your primary business, please include how your company is involved in CNG):

    Company Address:


    Clint Beauchamp
    Vice President - Marketing
    ZeitEnergy, LLC
    Two Lincoln Center
    5420 LBJ Freeway, Suite 750
    Dallas, TX 75240
    phone: 817-223-1401
    [email protected]

    About ZeitEnergy
    ZeitEnergy was created to help municipalities and private fleet owners gather information and make decisions about whether or not compressed natural gas powered vehicles are right for their organization. We target all sizes of municipal and private fleet customers who are looking for information and solutions that are not biased towards specific vendors. We offer a potent combination of technical expertise in the natural gas fueling business and financial expertise in capital budgeting and cost benefit analysis.