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3 Year Tank Inspection?

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  • 3 Year Tank Inspection?

    Just another suprise at the inspection station. Does anyone know where and how much these inspections are? I call Go Natural (Sno-Motion) and they want $125 just to pop the trunk and have a look? Seems quit high priced to me! I do understand the importance of quality work but when the factory does the installation and then I have to pay for the auto inspection every year. Then I have to pay an addtional inspection which is 5 times as much as the whole vehicle inspection? Something is wrong with this picture!

    I'm in Davis county, Utah if there is anyone close to me.

    Well sorry for the rant!!!!!!!! I'm just tired of every time I turn around those of us that are willing to drive GREEN are being asked to fork over the green.

    If anyone knows of a better deal please PM me, Thanks.
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    Re: 3 Year Tank Inspection?

    Typical prices I see range from $50-$150. A CSA certified inspector may be cheaper than a dealer and dealer prices may vary. Look around for, or get recommendations for competitive prices. That's what we do here, help each other find the best service/prices for the things we need. It creates a message to those who try and drive up prices (not that is the case with your quote) and let us vote with our consumer dollars.

    Can you tell us where you are so others can tell you what they are finding for this service in your area?


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      Re: 3 Year Tank Inspection?

      It's a bit of a hike from Davis county but I've been using
      Haun Automotive Technology
      241 W 700 N
      Orem, UT 84057

      He has a contract to maintain the fleet at Weber State so he may be in your area occasionally.

      He also charges different prices depending on the difficulty of removing the shields and accessing the tanks but for Cavaliers and trucks he has charged a lot less than the price you were quoted.
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