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List of CA approved CNG cars?

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  • List of CA approved CNG cars?

    Would anybody know if there is a web site/list of CNG vehicles that are approved in California? It is my understanding from other posts that some cars are ok in Utah but not in CA.


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    Re: List of CA approved CNG cars?

    Any factory CNG car is okay. As for conversions, it is currently limited to Baytech and BAF i believe. NaturalDrive is suposed to be getting CARB certification for the 2010 models, so we'll see how that pans out.

    Used is tricky. There are ways of bringing in an out of state, EPA-Only certified car, if it is over a certain age and mileage. A few hoops to jump through to get there. Don't have all the details myself.
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      Re: List of CA approved CNG cars?


      Here's another resource:

      This is the NGVAmerica website listing (effective July, '09). There are some additions to this since then, but it does differentiate between Federal (E) and California (C) certifications.

      There is also a table at the end showing the contact information for the aftermarket converters to check on more recent certifications.

      You should be commended for wanting to be sure the vehicles meet state and federal opposed to...

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        Re: List of CA approved CNG cars?

        Hey Crazy, we are going to have a cup of coffee one of these days about Calif SMOG regulations; I'll buy. PM me if you are interested.

        Basically only the factory vehicles can get a Calif smog cert of compliance. Yes, a certificate of NON-compliance can be issured on new vehicle, with less than 7,000 miles and I'll have to look up age again. Comversion kits are still a no no unless they have a CARB E.O. number, If I remember, 75 and older are smog exempt. (time to go over the books again). Outside of the 7,000 mile consideration for Non-compliance, the miliage is just to make sure no one is turning back the speedo.

        Getting a non-CARB conversion into Cal can be done by leaving it registered in another state, (but don't have a Calif driver license in you pocket) and don't be working here and living in Calif -- big fines. They other way to get a non CARB conversion through SMOG is to find a dumb smog tech. I am ashamed to say there are a lot of them out there, I trained a lot of them and I know the ones I trained know what the conversion kit rules are.

        I am concerned about the sale of such vehicles down the road.

        I had a talk with one of the referees yesterday, and the rules haven't changed