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  • Injectors

    I have a Baytech syste, that uses Servojet Injectors. The Part number is
    SP021S1 or SP021 and it says SPI on them. Can anyone tell me where I can go that would allow me to find injectos that would work to replace these? I have a problem where I am burning lean and gettng a backfire in the air box. Its like a puff puff sound and I was told by a mechanic who beleived it is the injecotors failing. This only happens when I have a full tank about 2600 psi.

    Any insight into this would be great.

    This is a 99 Tahoe.

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    Re: Injectors

    If it only happens with a full tank then I would take a look at the fuel rail pressure and the fuel pressure regulator(s) first.
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      Re: Injectors

      Any advice as to how I could do this myself? What tools are needed?


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        Re: Injectors

        Go Natural CNG is an authorized Baytech upfitter and service provider. I am very familiar with your system and I do not recommend that you do it yourself due to the fact that there are plenty of reasons that create your issues. Call 801-281-4766 ex1303 talk to Jared.