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NFPA 52 Compliant hoses

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  • NFPA 52 Compliant hoses


    I've a question, and you folks appear to be knowledgeable enough to maybe answer it. I have a CNG cooking system on my boat. These were popular (well, sort of) back in the late 70's and 80's, but they have largely been abandoned by the manufacturers and suppliers.

    My problem is that I need a new fuel hose. This is the one that runs on 6" or so of gas pressure -- fractional PSIG. The people who write standards for these kinds of things for boats, ABYC, say that the hose must meet the requirements of NFPA 52. Well, I can't find any hoses anywhere that "meet NFPA 52". I suspect that, unlike some sort of UL listing, the hose won't actually SAY NFPA 52, but rather will meet whatever 52 says it needs to.

    So, my question for you folks is, what kinds of hoses meet NFPA 52 for low pressure (after regulator) use? And where do I find one 8' long with a pair of 3/8 pipe fittings (1M, 1F)?

    Thanks for any help!


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    Re: NFPA 52 Compliant hoses

    Hi Harry, is selling the regulator and gas bottles.
    It may be the best place to find the hose, too.

    Also, thinking of it, a similar hose is likely used on natural gas BBQs. This also may be something to look at, since it is using the same gas and at the same pressure...


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      Re: NFPA 52 Compliant hoses

      Yeah, check that guy or a large appliance parts store that carries grills, Maybe even Sears.


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        Re: NFPA 52 Compliant hoses

        Home Depot sells flexible gaslines of different lengths and fittings sizes along with their water heaters.
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