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Fill valve O-ring and Tank inspection.

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  • Fill valve O-ring and Tank inspection.

    Where can I get a fill valve Oring? I just bought a 99 ford 250 pickup with 3 tanks and I read on this forum that they have to be inspected every 3 years. I live in west texas and the closest station is 120 miles away. Needless to say I'm rapidly becoming an ex cng convert.

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    Re: Fill valve O-ring and Tank inspection.

    I'm not sure where you're at there in West Texas, but I used 76691
    as a search peramiter on Honda's site. You should be able to contact any of these dealers to pick up an O-Ring that should work. Perhaps they'd mail it to you while you wait for a few more stations to open near you. Hang in there brother. I'm from Ft Worth myself... I can relate.

    Lute Riley Honda
    1331 N Central Expy
    Richardson, TX 75080
    84.1 miles


    Howdy Honda
    5519 E Ben White Blvd
    Austin, TX 78741
    115.4 miles away

    Goodson Honda West
    10250 Old Katy Rd
    Houston, TX 77043
    166.0 miles away

    Eskridge Honda
    1030 I-240 Access Road
    Oklahoma City, OK 73139
    250.4 miles away

    Bob Howard Honda
    13201 N Kelley Ave
    Oklahoma City, OK 73131
    264.8 miles away


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      Re: Fill valve O-ring and Tank inspection.

      I live in San angelo, I was in dallas and got gas at a poorly maintained station on lamar street,; ie no gauges. I put 4 gallons in and I think the oring was too small and came off with the dispenser. I 'm looking for the small ,thick one that should be there.


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        Re: Fill valve O-ring and Tank inspection.

        I can't help you with your tank inspection from Utah. However I can can help you with the O-ring. Send me your mailing address and name. I will not charge you for the little bugger. But I will ask that you help someone out when you have the chance.


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          Re: Fill valve O-ring and Tank inspection.


          I can help you with finding a cylinder/fuel system inspector in TX (although there aren't that many).

          Go to:

          Enter country and state and see what comes up.

          Best regards,



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            Re: Fill valve O-ring and Tank inspection.

            You'll find that in most instances, blowing the oring out is due to disconnecting the nozzle before the line pressure has a chance to bleed off completely. This can result in the oring ending up inside the nozzle, or on the ground around the vehicle. Make a habit of checking it after each fueling and carry a spare in the glovebox to avoid future problems.