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Creating Garmin POI from

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  • Creating Garmin POI from

    I developed a method of creating POI files from the station data on CNGprices.


    Scrape the station data of interest into a text file. each station will have 4 lines of data (station description,address,telephone, lat-long). Make sure there is a blank line between the station data. Don't worry about duplicates as the conversion program will discard duplicates. Check the scraped data as not all entries have a phone number; just put "none" on these entries.l

    You will have to install a free text processing language GAWK on your computer. Google is your friend.

    This is the program:

    # cng.awk --- converts entries from cut and paste of output
    # to POI file for Garmin
    # \42 prints double quote
    # first line of cngprices output is ignored

    # Records are separated by blank lines.
    # Each line is one field.
    BEGIN { RS = "" ; FS = "\n" }
    long = field[2]
    lat = substr(field[1],6)
    address = $2
    phone = $3
    # if location appeared before skip printing it
    if (used[long,lat] == "") {
    print long,",",lat,",\42",address,"\42",",\42",phone,"\4 2"
    used[long,lat] = 1
    # else {print "Duplicate ",address}
    # The End

    if the scraped data is in a file name cng.poi and the gawk program is in a file
    cng.awk then do in the command lineA:

    gawk -f cng.awk cng.poi >cng.csv

    The csv file will contain lines with:


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    Re: Creating Garmin POI from

    I've got the info listed here as well. It's got all north america stations (though some didn't have correct addresses listed, I think).
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