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Tank Lost Capacity

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  • Tank Lost Capacity

    97 Ford contour
    Total Cylinder water volume (from sticker)
    3500 cu in or 64.7 liter
    I understand this to be about 5.5 gge.

    Purchased in fall 08. Have filled with 5.5 once and 5.25 few times but mostly around 4.5 until just recently it is hard to get much more than 3 gge sometimes 3.5 gge on a completely empty tank.

    Have tried at a few different filling stations. Have tried in the morning (cooler) and afternoon (hotter) with only a small variance (1/2 gge at most)

    What has caused me to loose almost 50% of my tank capacity?

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    Re: Tank Lost Capacity

    If the tank consists of multiple smaller tanks, one of the shut-off valves may be stuck. Or you could have water/oil in your tanks.