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Bi-fuel aux trunk

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  • Bi-fuel aux trunk

    Additional cargo space when needed. I did this to carry more cargo (not fuel) due to limited trunk space. I purchased a Cavalier model specific class I 1 1/4" receiver hitch with a 200 lb. tounge weight rating from The 20 x 36 cargo carrier (also from that fits the 1 1/4" hitch can carry 150 lbs. The container is a Rubbermaid "Action Packer" 35 gallon heavy duty storage box, I think it's about 6 cubic feet. The container and cargo carrier weigh 40 lbs. The the cargo carrier has mounting holes to relocate the license plate if nessesary. Not a lot more room but it beats a car top carrier or pulling a trailer.
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    Re: Bi-fuel aux trunk


    As long as threre's not a CNG cylinder in there you should be good to go.

    Where can we get more info?



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      Re: Bi-fuel aux trunk

      I though that was for the goodies to eat at tail gate parties or "Thunder on the lot"

      If there is CNG inside, there could be a safety issue. I don't believe the angle iron meets NHTSA's 5 mph bumper requirements.



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        Re: Bi-fuel aux trunk

        Originally posted by larrycng View Post
        I don't believe the angle iron meets NHTSA's 5 mph bumper requirements.
        Neither does a hitch ball when left in the receiver.
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          Re: Bi-fuel aux trunk

          storage is fine if there is a fuel tank of any kind it is not permited to exstend past bumper dot title 49. something ?