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  • Moving in Finally

    Long time since my last post.
    I´m finally moving my business into the US. Kit manufacturing, install, service and filling stations. We plan to open our first FS within the first year and 6 more by the second year. We will also represent a CNG compressor company for North America.
    We are still thinking about the location so any suggestions are welcome.

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    Re: Moving in Finally

    Follow the money! Figure out what state is spending the most on Alt Fuels and start there. California has AB 118 funds and Federal money both. Utah needs more stations, Florida has Wisegas opening up a tring of 6 (I believe) across the state.

    Calif may regulate and tax you to death, anywhere you compete with Clean Energy... things will get interesting.

    Wisconcin and Ohio are forward moving, but the winters suck. Same with New York. But NY is better situated if your intentions are international (where the money is).

    Pakistan is jumping right now... are you Muslim by any chance?

    If you have a business plan to open all these stations... you must have already decided where they are going, so where are you going to put them?


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      Re: Moving in Finally

      The hotspots are Oklahoma, California, and Utah. You would be crazy to put a new business in California- they will tax you to death and endlessly harass you with stupid regulations.

      I'm not that familiar with OK; but Id recommend Utah- it has a fast growing diverse population and strong economy with an international airport in SLC. We also have/had a Governor who strongly supports CNG (He was just hired by Obama to be the new Ambassador to China). CNG is popular here, I see many vehicles every day.

      Personally, I think (Rawlins) Wyoming would be a great place to install a cng station. It would link the Ca, Nev, and Utah cng users to Denver and possibly Arizona. Id like to see more stations in Idaho (and Washington) along the I-15 corridor. These are all major ng producing states where additional distribution infrastructure is badly needed and highly logical to develop further.
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        Re: Moving in Finally

        My idea is to start in Utah. Most probably in SLC.


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          Re: Moving in Finally

          Tell us a bit about the compressors you'll be representing.
          2000 CNG Camry
          VRA Wannabe


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            Re: Moving in Finally

            Ill be representing aspro compressors and prescon red gas cng equipment for vehicles. We have opened a small website to show what we have done til now.