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Anyone to proofread my '99 Civic listing?

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  • Anyone to proofread my '99 Civic listing?

    I just listed my car on Ebay and since most of you know more about the car than I do, let me know if I made any errors in the listing either factual or grammatical. It’s at:

    Any suggestions or comments are welcome. Thanks.

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    Re: Anyone to proofread my '99 Civic listing?

    Good looking car. Just a few comments:
    1. CNG in Utah is now 97¢
    2. Federal tax credits only apply to new vehicles, not used.
    3. There are very few state incentives for used vehicles. Utah's is 35% of the purchase price up to $2500. Not sure about other states.
    4. A Civic GX only has about half the range as a gasoline Civic.

    That is probably the most thorough listing I have ever seen on eBay. I hope you get a good price for the car.