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Jobs Down Under [seeking former Fuelmaker employees]

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  • Jobs Down Under [seeking former Fuelmaker employees]

    Does anyone know how we might contact former FuelMaker employees who might be interested in re-locating to Melbourne, Australia?

    We are well advanced in developing a CNG home refueller (about 1 - 1.25 gge/hr), but we just don't have enough experienced staff to get the job completed as soon as we would like. We have a number of other development projects in compression and vehicle conversions where we could use some more experienced and qualified people.

    If you know of anyone with relevant experience and qualifications who might be interested, I can be contacted directly at [email protected].

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    Re: Jobs Down Under [seeking former Fuelmaker employees]

    Good luck with your endeavor to build home VRA . . . the world REALLY NEEDS IT . . . especially now!!

    Hey, if you get "White North" folks from Canada to help build a new Fuelmaker, pleeeeeaaaasssee market and sell the VRA in the USA and Canada when it's done!! I firmly believe if affordable, reliable VRA was sold all over USA, that sales of Civic GX's would be phenominal.

    Go Aussies !!