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how to read tanks?

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  • how to read tanks?

    we dismantle some cng carsaND HAVE SOME CNG TANKS AVAILABLE in the seattle area and would like to post some for sale. however, besides knowing the use by date on the stickers i don't know how to read the other information on them. if someone could walk me through the process of reading the information I would be most grateful of your help. also if it doesn't give the diameter or anything what is the easiest way to measure them besides just by doing length and width with a tape measure?
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    Re: how to read tanks?

    Hello Seattle!

    The critical information from CNG cylinders/tanks is as follows:
    Type (i.e., NGV2-2 would be a cylinder built to the NGV2 standard and it's a Type 2)
    Date of manufacture or Date of expiration.
    any additional labels that would indicate a current inspection

    Size is measured by diam. and length from the dome end to the valve boss, but not the overall (inc'l. valve) length. Brackets from the OEM would be a plus. I assume valves and PRD's are also included.

    Type 1 is all metal (steel or aluminium)
    Type 2 is metal with a fiberglass wrap around just the center section
    Type 3 is metal with fiberglass over the entire cylinder
    Type 4 has no metal (except for the valve boss), all fiberglass composite

    Hope this helps and feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions.



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      Re: how to read tanks?

      Thank you for the reply and the helpful information.i'll tak eteh info into consideration when posting the cng tanks on here.


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        Re: how to read tanks?

        If you buy any tanks from this seller be sure you check them out in person. I went to his dismantling yard in Seattle (next to Boeing Field) and watched the workers drag tanks across the ground and put very deep scratches into them. Those tanks were loaded into a truck for delivery to an out-of-state buyer. I was able to select undamaged tanks with decent expiration dates since I was there in person.
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