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  • Spare Tire

    Hi all, I have a dealer that bought a 03 E350 van dedicated. No idea who did the up-fit but I suspect maybe BAF as it is probably an original dedicated van.

    The tank has a cover with a 1" square tube frame that has the spare tire frame built in to the right rear corner. It has a square bracket about 1" or 1 1/4" centered to the rim hole to attach the tire holder/clamp to. (no through hole)

    They want the OEM holder/clamp for the tire. I told them it would be easier to make one...But...Hehehe... and Ford acted dumb, I guess.

    Does anyone know if it is a rod and wingnut or a scissors jack or??? Any ideas will help.

    If there was pay involved I would be walking through a junkyard.

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    Re: Spare Tire

    It sounds like a factory E350 setup. Are you looking to buy a holder bolt and wingnut (I have several) or make one and need specs?
    Let me know.
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      Re: Spare Tire

      I am guessing at an original built CNG E350 but it is likely so. The rod and wingnut is the right part? It must have a pretty wide hook on it to go around the bracket. Send me your address and I will forward it to the dealer. They can do the buying.