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Duel fuel injectors

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    Re: Duel fuel injectors

    Originally posted by Franz View Post
    Gaseous injectors have to be fabricated of materials which allow operation of a dry fuel. This can cause wear and overheating if liquid injectors are used. Plus, gaseous fuel injectors outlet opening is many times larger than liquid injectors which would prevent a suitable spray from being formed in liquid state.

    As for if any have been produced, just having a patent on an item doesnt mean that you have to actually produce one. The US Patent office has a division now that actually previews patent applications for actual feasibility. There are many patents filed for drugs with one molecule change, electronic circuits where one capacitor has been changed from the original design, and many, many, patents for engines that cannot work even though there are patents issued.

    I am not familiar with your research item but I do know that some were issued. I would put the probability of actually finding some that work with any successful life, at lower than finding a chicken in a dentist office. Possible, but more than not unlikely.

    Without disclosing too much detail due to this forum's restriction, an injector in question is available. It is a 3 wire, 2 chamber injector, which uses top feed for gasoline and side feed for vapor LPG or possibly CNG. At the bottom, the middle set of holes used to spray gasoline, outer set of holes sprays gaseous fuels. A special connector package comes with the injector, where during conversion, vehicle harness does not require cutting during alt. fuel controller hook-up.


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      Re: Duel fuel injectors

      Originally posted by cnghal View Post
      Not crazy at all. I've been down that path when I was designing a plasma injection system. Now, if I can just figure out how not to burn large holes in the tops of the pistons.

      I'm working on an adaptation of MB diesel common rail piezo/hydraulic injectors that can DI at up to 30,000 psi and fire a spark halo. With a hypereutectic combustion chamber and piston dome it might just work.

      Next crazy idea, a magnatron injector microwave combustion chamber.

      Time to blow the dust off those metallurgy texts. What I really need is some of that special metal foil from Roswell, NM.

      I wonder if Area 51 has an e-commerce site setup yet?
      hal check out marmon pittsburg bruce is the guys name I think builds high power cummins with plasma coated pistions to stop the big holes


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        Re: Duel fuel injectors

        Here are the patent numbers for a couple of the injectors I am looking at. They look interesting to me. You can just search the patent numbers online and you can find all the info.

        Dual Fuel Injector
        Patent # 5887799 dated Mar. 30, 1999

        Universal Fuel Injection System
        Patent # 6484699 dated Nov. 26, 2002