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New Trip Computer from Autel

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  • New Trip Computer from Autel

    Autel is selling a new Maxi Trip TP100 trip computer/scan tool/engine monitor. It is similiar in operation to the ScanGauge II from Linear-Logic with a couple of differences. It has a USB connection and comes with update software. I havent found any websites for user-upgrades even the Autel site dosent have anything - yet.

    It connects to the OBD II port like the SGII.

    You set up your engine size, fuel type, tank size etc.

    I had tried a SGII on my dual-fuel 2000 Dodge Dakota but it would always freeze when my truck would switch to NG. It would work fine if I only ran on gasoline.

    The TP100 works perfectly. It has not frozen at all - no matter what fuel I am on. I found it very easy to set up. Mine is set for gas (optional LPG, Diesel A, Diesel B, Hybrid).

    The trip computer tells all manner of trip data. Instant mpg, average mpg, speed, time to empty, miles to empty etc. It is very easy to switch between modes and parameters within each mode.

    Cost-wise it can be found on E-### and for about $99.00 USD. I bought mine here in Canada from Princess Auto for $150.00 CD because they have a great return policy and are local.

    If I sound stoked - I am. It's a great tool to see how your fuel-saving techniques work, clear DTC codes, monitor engine functions etc.