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An Amazing 1996 Book on NGVs

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  • An Amazing 1996 Book on NGVs

    If anyone is interested in reading an amazing book on Natural Gas Vehicles, one should search for a book titled "Natural Gas Vehicles".

    This book was published back in 1996 by Dr. John G. Ingersoll (Ph. D.).

    I found a copy of this book online. To find and read this amazing book :
    1) go to
    2) enter the following Search "Natural Gas Vehicle book by Ingersoll" (without the quotation marks).
    3) click on the "Natural Gas Vehicles - Google Books Result". When I did my Google search, it was the 2nd result.

    This book is a MUST read.

    Stu Man

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    Re: An Amazing 1996 Book on NGVs

    Hey, I found Amazon has a few sample pages you can read:

    Looks like a pretty good book. I just may buy it. The table of contents is pretty revealing as well.


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      Re: An Amazing 1996 Book on NGVs

      I'm not sure how many pages it will let you access/print but here is the link:
      BLUE 09 GX


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        Re: An Amazing 1996 Book on NGVs

        Stu Man,

        Yeah, it was written in '96, but it does have some great engineering and fill station data and the basic information doesn't change. I have a copy if you want more and it is a great resource.

        (I actually got it in 1996!)

        Good reading,