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Insurance on a CNG converted vehicle

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  • Insurance on a CNG converted vehicle

    Anybody have any experience with how an insurance company treats a converted vehicle? Many companies are try to reduce exposure and they have a pay out cap on optional equipment add ons. Anyone had a need to file a claim for damages on a converted vehicle and if so how was it treated? I figure unless the tanks are damaged I wont get hurt to bad on a pay out.

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    Re: Insurance on a CNG converted vehicle


    My experience is that it's better to discuss this with your agent before, rather than after. I've done that and explained the safety record of NGV's compared to gasoline and generally they'll agree.

    There are statistics that should satisfy their actuaries and we do have an enviable history.

    The only problem is that when there is an accident everyone hears about it. But that's because they're so rare! Gasoline vehicle catching on fire along the freeway don't even make the six-o’clock news anymore.