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  • Check out this filling station

    I wonder how much annual maintenance would cost on one of these? I suppose it depends on how much it gets used obviously.

    I also wonder if any guy (if they could get proper permits) could buy a unit like this and install it in their gas station franchise (speaking of Utah say for example), or would Questar be the only one allowed to operate these and sell CNG?

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    Re: Check out this filling station

    By the way, when I say 'filling station' in the header, I just used that as a flashy line. I realize this is only but the compressor component of the overall dispensing system


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      Re: Check out this filling station

      You think that's big? It's probably just one of the four compressors that came from the Toronto Transit fueling system. The system had a 300,000 scf ASME set of cylinders as a buffer tank. It used to have two lanes for filling buses at an onboard tank temperature compensated rate of 60 GGE @ 3,000 psi in just three minutes.
      When it was installed in the early 90s, it was the largest, state of the art system in the world.
      Just the twin-compressor IMW defueling system that came with it, would blow away any public station you have in Utah right now.
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